This package does exactly what it says.
In 90 days, we’ll work through the three crucial phases of creating a successful branding.

Make your business a representation of who you truly are. Let your brand represent your business vision.

If you are in business, you are a marketer. But marketing feels like unknown territory to many. And as businesses fail to get momentum, business investment gets geared toward short-sighted practises. 

Those of you that may not fully understand how to move in a digital world, will end up leaving money on the table or wasting money with agencies that may not be in a position to understand your business.

But the world will benefit from a striving business that brings the best out of its team while offering a service that makes people’s life better.  It all boils down to understanding how to apply the strategies, tools and insights that allow you to drive your business to success in a digital world.

Digital marketing is like driving a car. You don’t need to understand how to build one. Just enough to make it move.

Gain Clarity on

  • What are your business aspirations
  • What is holding your business back
  • What are your current struggles

Enhance your business to

  • Generate good leads faster
  • Turn opportunities into bigger sales
  • Maintain clients for longer

Develop a strategy to

  • Re-define aspirations as clear goals
  • Re-frame obstacles as opportunities of growth
  • Re-focus your efforts into practical steps

Identify a long term plan to

  • Move your business to the next level
  • Avoid mistakes from the past
  • Encourage chance at each level

Why working with Stefania?

Full Marketing Experience

Scientific Background

Brand Strategist

Marketing Consultant

May is digital marketing expert with a passion for helping businesses be the best they can be. As a strategist, she understands the importance of planning and to align marketing tactics to business objectives. She is now sought after by businesses for her ability to explain technical concepts to the novice and recommend tactics that any business owner can implement on their own. And reproduce without further support.

She is now a coach, consultant and advisor for businesses, leaders, and any individual who could benefit from digital marketing. Her mission is to help people get to the next level by being in control of their own marketing.

In addition, Stefania brings a significant data-driven and result-oriented attitude thanks to a strong scientific background, acquired by working at top Institutes as the Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge.

As a coach and mentor, Stefania brings a full marketing experience, including branding, website development, SEO optimisation, PPC and social media management.