Business website package. Details below.



Not sure how to build a website from scratch for your business? Let me do it for you for only £200. Built in a week. According to your own business identity.

Step 1: An informal chat to understand your business identity.

Step2: A homepage mock-up

Step3: Feedback from client

Step4: Delivery of a live website

The website will include four sections:

  1. Homepage
  2. Contact us
  3. A Photo Gallery
  4. A Blog

I will also provide enough information to make any client able to run a basic website autonomously. Alternatively, web management fees would start at £500/month.

A client might also be required to purchase a domain name (I recommend GoDaddy) and/or a hosting plan (I work with WordPress and Squarespace, but other hosting platforms might be considered as well).

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