What is the business about?

The business mission of the global brand portfolio aims to deliver to the customers what they want before they realize they want it.

How do you provide products that answer people expectations?

The brand collects real-time insights from customers and 18,500+ stores. Subsequently, the information that comes from retail partner loyalty schemes is combined with market data to get to the bottom of what customers want, fast. And finally, these insights are transformed into thousands of market-leading brands and products that help consumers lead happier and healthier lives.

Global brand portfolio - How new products are developed.

How do you convert analysis into a tangible product?

The operation team then works closely with the R&D department and suppliers to deliver excellence on cost, quality, and service into their products.

How do you market the product?

Finally, the marketing team identifies challenges that consumers face every day and then find products in our existing portfolio, or create new products, that solve these problems for them and grow brands on a global scale.

Global brand portfolioMarketing Strategy

Deliver a search strategy for WBA global beauty brands - Find the balance between the WBA & the beauty product brand guidelines.

Global brand portfolio – N°7

N°7 – Science is behind the N°7 brand. It delivers products that are clinically tested and make women feel their best. As testimonials, the brand used inspirational women such as Alessandra Ferri & Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Global Brand Portfolio - Scientifically beautiful

Problem: The UX doesn’t communicate a luxurious feeling or the scientific background of the brand. Indeed, reviews indicate that younger demographics like the product, while to older women, the product doesn’t communicate a feeling of luxury.

Global Brand Portfolio - Scientifically beautiful

Opportunities: Develop a marketing strategy to communicate how science is at the core of the brand, this is completely missing from the site. Also, rethink the package if an older demographic is the ideal customer.

  • Website design
    • Less black background
    • Fewer bold fonts
  • Content
    • Inspirational banners #thecampaign
    • The science behind the product #scientificallybeautiful
    • More beauty tips
  • Suggestions
    • Use Dior beauty as reference
    • Reduce the number of discounts
    • Use 7 as a seven-rules to beauty
Excellent example from Dior Make-up. Be inspirational and at the same time promote the products and the techniques that allow the customer to reach for the same result.

Global Brand Portfolio – Liz Earle

Liz Earle is an effective and fuss-free skincare developed with natural ingredients. The only brand that can be sold through an established partnership -John Lewis- is also available at its own counter in Boots stores.

Problem: Overall the website delivers the botanically oriented element behind the brand core value. Functional layouts and plenty of ideas (travel kit, skincare issues, videos) are also positive elements of the site experience. Nevertheless, the graphic design feels a bit dated and the ideal customer persona is too wide (any age) beside an interest in plant-powered products.

Opportunities: revamp the overall website by keeping in mind the botanical aspect of the brand and the ideal customer persona (Be naturally active). There are plenty of ideas from the “Our principles” section that should make the process straightforward.

  • Website Design:
    • Confusing sliding banner
    • The Blog section is hidden
    • The upselling section is hidden
    • Pages are not very well interlinked
    • Instagram is missing from the sharing button list
  • Content:
    • Fewer banners about discounts
    • More informative banners
    • More emphasis on Active & Natural
    • Introduce more brand-related topics #naturallyactive
  • Suggestions:
    • Use Molton Brown as inspiration
    • Reduce the number of discounts on the homepage
    • Invest more in social media campaigns #naturallybeautiful
    • Become involved in social campaigns #nocruelty

Global brand portfolio – Soap & Glory

Soap and glory is pink fab and sassy, designed to be bold and to make a long lasting impression.

Problem: Overall the first impression delivers the fun, pink-obsessed attitude of the brand. However, the website doesn’t help the discovery process, it feels oriented towards people already familiar with the brand. The graphic design feels thin in content, while the overall brand packaging is almost overwhelming.

Opportunities: The brand core values are present on the website. Bringing those values on top the website hierarchical structure will help drive more engaged traffic.

  • Website:
    • Bring Instagram content on top of the homepage
    • Bring Who we are on the homepage
  • Content:
    • A more consistent blog
    • More category descriptions
  • Suggestions:
    • Power Instagram for traffic
    • Create a powerful lead-gen pipeline


All websites present an optimized SEO performance. However, producing more content and the brand core values will help improve the overall UX.

In addition, there are no PPC campaigns to support any SEO activity. And the only one that does – Liz Earle – doesn’t appear in searches for related keywords – such as natural beauty products. Each brand should be supported by a tailored PPC strategy that aims to be:

  • Present among competitors
  • Found by people looking for such product range
  • Exploring new markets

Finally, no lead-gen tools are available (free resources and/or newsletter sign-up).

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