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What is 4aHand?

Have you ever got frustrated with menial tasks, such as cutting the grass or changing a sink? Have you ever been ignored by professional companies that consider your problem not worth their time? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. I have been there, and so have many more.

This is the reason why I designed 4aHand, an online platform where people like you and me can find help to solve those menial tasks by searching a database of potential candidates. To help people finding the right person, the database can be filtered by job, location, and fee.

An example of a potential search could be someone in Cambridge (UK) that can use a lawn mower and cut the grass of my back yard for no more than £20 by the end of this week.

How does it work?

But wait…where would you find these great people, happy to come to your house and help you sort out your daily challenges? Good question!
And my answer is another question – Have you ever relied on friends help to help you sort those annoying menial tasks I just mentioned? Maybe repaint your bedroom, move your belongings to your new house, or install software on your laptop? I guess you have. And maybe you have even been that great friend at one time.

Now imagine how your friends would feel if they could do that as often as they wanted while being paid. Also consider how many stay-at-home mums, students, retired people, solopreneurs, would be interested in a part job. At their own convenience, not at someone else terms.

And do not forget people whose skills are ignored by the job market because they do not possess a traditional background and/or a certificate confirming their expertise. Wouldn’t they be interested in finding paid work and finally achieve their dream of becoming what they truly desire?

Are you joining us?

So, in a shared economy, isn’t the time to share not only our possessions but also our skills and knowledge while helping others make their life a little simpler?

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