Something about me – I’ll help you get the marketing results that will make your business get the return it deserves.

Marketing, whether it’s good or bad, has an exponential effect on the business, and indeed it can make it or break it.

Today, I help businesses see the potential of digital marketing on their company’s success while teaching them how to grow their business beyond their expectations.

My story

I’m Stefania and this is the story of how I went from being a molecular biologist to a digital marketer. Before helping companies to increase their online ROI, I spent a decade in the lab feeling overworked, ignored and abused.

  • Eager to please, nothing was ever good enough.
  • Rewards were due the tomorrow that never comes.

Scared to abandon my dreams and afraid to the unknown, I stuck to a soul crushing environment.

And then 2015 came along…

That was the year where everything changed.

While my personal life was going crumbling around me and my professional life reached an all-time low, I decided it was time for a radical change.

The epiphany came one night when this simple yet profound question popped in my mind: “How has been always negative worked out for you?” The answer that followed, made me realize that my current attitude would have never helped me made the change I was looking for.

The shift into “being positive” was anything but “an easy ride.”

It wasn’t easy sailing…

When I finally decided to leave science in the past, I chose to move into the field of SEO and digital marketing.

Looking for an alternative field, I chose the one in which I had enough knowledge that would make me get an interview and hopefully land an entry-level job. Thanks to an always learning mentality, I became interested in digital marketing while coding a website. Despite being quite well-read, I had no practical experience. All my digital marketing knowledge came by managing a website with basically zero traffic.

I was in a totally new territory.

I kept asking myself: how can I convince someone to hire me to do digital marketing when I can offer 10 years experience in molecular biology and a couple of years of web development?

I spent many long hours in front of the screen, trying to come up with an idea, while trying to ignore my family who was so eager to make me continue working in a field that gave me heartache, depression and a sense of failure.

Luckily, I stuck to it. My heart knew better (even if logic was saying the opposite).

  • I kept applying to jobs and I finally went to interviews.
  • I didn’t get the job, but I didn’t look like a fool.
  • I kept studying, blogging and tweeting to showcase competence.

And I finally got my chance!

I got a job as a marketing analyst at a thriving scientific company, and I learned:

  • How to connect a business with its ideal customer
  • How to connect a customer with a brand
  • How to grow a business with marketing strategies

From there I became a digital marketing specialist. After accumulating a collective experience on:

  • Website management
  • SEO & UX
  • PPC management
  • Email marketing
  • Google Analytics

And after that, the product specialist group manager. Where I learned:

  • How to be a manager and a leader
  • How to give feedback even the negative one
  • How to teach people to go beyond their role

And best of all… I discovered a new field where I can express myself without being constantly ostracised by my peers.

And now? It’s not about me. It’s about you.

Today, I want to bring my knowledge to your business. I want you to see the power behind digital marketing, how cost-saving it can be and how powerful in generating revenue it can be if done well.

Do you want to see your business thrive by simply optimizing your marketing efforts instead of wasting time and money with expensive agencies?

It the answer is yes, let’s have a 30 mins. chat. No fees apply.

I will bring marketing to your business.

And hopefully, the next chapter of this story, won’t be about me. But about us.

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