1. Login to your Google Analytics account
  2. Open the Administration pageMaster View Admin Page
  3. In Property, click on Dd Data Import
  4. Click on CREATEGA - Data Import Create
  5. Select in SUMMARY DATA IMPORT Cost Data. Click Continue.GA - Summary Data Import
  6. Name your campaignGA - Name your campaign
  7. Click the Enabled Views in which your DataSet will be available. Click Continue.GA - Enable Views
  8. Select Cost (ga:adCost) & Campaign (ga:campaign) as minimum required parameters
  9. Click SAVE
  10. Click on Get schemaGA - Get Schema Data Import
  11. Fill in the Excel File with your data – Keep in mind that Google Analytics is case sensitive and therefore “Campaign” is different from “campaign”.
  12. Click UPLOAD FILE in Google Analytics
  13. Navigate to Attribution > Apply the model comparison tool – You can now track Profit.

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