A website may see hundreds or even thousands of daily visitors that do not convert. They come, spend time browsing through pages, but do not take that business-related action so close to your heart.

What can you do? Just let them go and hope they’ll come back to finally convert?

Well, you might.

But why not giving luck a little help?

In this post, I’ll show you how you can generate a specific audience in Google Analytics and re-target them with AdWords paid campaigns.

STEP1 – Create a Segment in Google Analytics:

First, you need to select a specific segment of your audience that you want to target. For instance, you might select all the users that landed on a product page. In this case:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Click on Audience (or any other menu)
  3. Click on Overview (or any other submenu)
  4. Click on +Add Segment
  5. Select Advanced > Conditions
    1. From the first drop-down menu select “Landing Page”
    2. From the second drop-down menu select “Contains”
    3. In the TextBox write a keyword that uniquely identifies your landing page URL (for instance, if all your landing pages contain the word “fitness” in their URL, write “fitness” in the field box)
    4. Add more conditions if necessary by clicked on AND or OR
  6. Add a name to your segment
  7. Click SAVE

Google Segment

STEP2 – Make the Segment available in AdWords:

  1. Click on the ADMIN Menu
  2. Click on Audience Definition under the Property Menu
  3. Click on Audiences
  4. Click on +New Audience
  5. Click on Import Segment
  6. Add a name
  7. Change Membership Duration if needed (I extend membership to 60 days)
  8. Click Next
  9. Select both AdWords and Google Analytics as Destinations
  10. Click Publish

Google Audience

STEP3 – Activate your Audience in AdWords:

  1. Log in your AdWords account
  2. Click on the wrench symbol in the top right-hand corner AdWords Wrench Symbol
  3. Click on Audience Manager under Shared LibraryAdWords Menu
  4. Select your recently generated audience from the Audience lists
  5. Add it to either the campaign or the ad group that would better suit the chosen audience
  6. Click Next
  7. Select Smart default (recommended)
  8. Click Add Audiences

AdWords Retargeting

 And that’s it!

You are now displaying highly targeted ads to all those website visitors who showed an interest in your products, services, blog posts and so on.

And don’t forget to show relevant ads…

The ads you are displaying must be pertinent to your selected Audience. If they visited a product page, you might show them ads related to that product. For instance, you might consider focusing on how the product would solve the user’s pain points or offering a discount to encourage a purchase. Even free resources such as a video or a PDF might persuade a reluctant user.

My recommendation would be to try different ads and landing pages, and test which one works best.

Want to add an extra layer?

  1. Open the Campaign or AdGroup you have previously selected
  2. Click on Audience
  3. Click on Bidding
  4. Increase the bidding
  5. Type a percentage (I would recommend a 10-20%, to begin with)

AdWords Bidding Adjustment

Retargeting limitations…1000 users

Keep in mind that this strategy will work when you have at least 1000 users. If you have a top-rated website, it will be easy to generate Remarketing Lists; however, if your site doesn’t receive more than few hundreds of users per day, creating targeting audiences could be more of a challenge. In that scenario, it might be worth starting with an audience that includes All Website Visitors or extending the Audience Membership Duration for a more extended period of time (at least 90 days).

I hope it helped! Let me know what you think.

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