Pinterest has become since its launch in 2010 one of the main social media on the scene. The power of Pinterest lays in letting people share everything they like and inspire them, from hobbies to quotes, therefore, becoming a great platform to start building your brand reputation by creating an emotional connection with potential buyers thorough inspirational images. Here few tips on how you can start your social media marketing on Pinterest. In addition, I will be discussing how to improve the chances of getting re-pinned by creating eye catching pins, well-designed boards and driving traffic back to your site through the use of Pinterest pins.

Sign up as business

Pinterest Business
Source: Pinterest Business

Since 2012, Pinterest allows brands to create a business profile. If you already have a personal profile on Pinterest, click on the link to change it to a business one. The good thing is that if you open a business profile, Pinterest gives you business tools such as analytics, buttons, widgets and good case studies.

Create a great profile

In order to achieve maximum exposure for your brand, creating a smashing profile is the first most important step. When you fill in “Name” and “Last Name”, add as “Name” your brand name and as “Last name” a motto or slogan that summarizes your brand mission or identity. In case your brand name is longer that the 15 characters limit, try to express your brand through well-thought keywords and slogans. The “About” section is your chance to showcase what your brand is all about. 160 characters are plenty to summarize your brand identity and encourage followers! Finally, add a great image as Pinterest Icon, either your brand logo or your head-shot. As the final image is shown as rounded, be careful to well center the image which should be uploaded in 200×200 pixel size.

Optimize your pins

Create great Pins using Infographics. Source: Piktochart

In order to pin and share images uploaded to your site on Pinterest, you need to make sure that those images have a size that can be shared as pin. On Pinterest, the vertical size is not limited, however, the width cannot be larger than 735 pixel and as consequence, if larger or smaller it gets re-sized to fit the requirement. Therefore, in order to encourage shares and re-pins you need to upload images that fit the requirements. Interestingly, tall, long images tend to be shared more than square, short images. An easy way is to create tall images is to generate infograpics and “how-to” posts.

Pin consistently

In order to encourage people to follow you, you should aim to pin 1-2 images a day, everyday. You can even re-pin previous pins, however, the same pin should be added to a different board as duplicates are not considered good practice on Pinterest. The content -as always- should be original, inspiring and in line with your brand and the type of message you want to deliver to your followers. For instance, you can create an image of your product alone and at the same time in its environment in order to create positive feelings in the audience. Let’s assume you own a website that sells home-made cookies. It would be a great idea to create a Board that showcases close-ups of your home-made cookies with a URL to your site where people can buy them and an extra image of your cookies, for instance, on a dinner table decorated for a Victorian tea party. The ways you can promote your product on Pinterest are endless… just be creative, provide value and inspire people! Interestingly, it seems that avoiding faces and focusing on objects alone is a better strategy on Pinterest. This might be because people collect images that are considered personal, like they belonged to them.

Follow trends

In order to find out what is hot and on-trend on Pinterest, click on “Popular” on the drop-down menu. This option allows you to see if there is a trend that matches your brand. If you can join the conversation, make sure to add value and do not forget to share others’ pins to make your brand as the authority in your field.

Create the right niche board

In Pinterest images are organized in boards, whose names cannot exceed the maximum length of 30 characters. Therefore, all your board names cannot be longer than 30 characters. However, the max length showing on Pinterest main page is 20 characters, unless someone clicks on the Pinterest tab of your image. In order to achieve maximum visibility, it is better to keep the length under 20 characters or make sure the main keywords that best identify your board are in the first 20 characters. Indeed, to maximize your exposure, the name of your board should not be generic, but niche specific in a manner that people who are looking for images related to that subject can easily find your content. For instance, instead of simply using “Healthy recipes” you can use something like “Easy vegetarian recipes”, “Healthy cook-tips” and so on. To make your boar even more attractive, select a great cover so that people can easily understand what your board is about and be enticed to read more.

Take advantage of Secret Boards

Pinterest allow you to arrange your boards in a manner that the most important ones appear always at the top; this feature is particularly useful if you consider some boards key for your social media marketing strategy or if you want to re-arrange them depending on the time of the year (seasonal boards) or when you are running promotional offers. In this last instance, secret boards are particularly useful as they allow you to prepare ahead of time; for instance, before the festivity season starts or to get ready for a launch or a promotional offer. To create a secret board you need to select the “keep it secret” option when you create a new board. When you are ready to publish it, just change the setting.

Add Pin Description

When you load an image to Pinterest, you can add a description which can help to increase the chances of having it re-pinned and shared. It is a good idea to include few key sentences to the pin to increase the chances to get discovered. Interestingly, while shortness is key on other platforms, longer descriptions work better on Pinterest. Remember to add a URL back to your site to encourage organic traffic.

Add Pin Buttons

To encourage shares and re-pins from your website, you can download the “pin it” button and install it on your website. This will make easy for your users to add and share images directly from your website. Remember to optimize your image description so that when people select something to pin from your site, the description is already loaded correctly. You can also add the “pin it” button to your browser tab to make easier for you to select and load images that you love straight to your board.

Add Text to the Image

PicMonkey Homepage
PicMonkey Homepage

A great way to encourage shares and re-pins is to add text to your images. Quite often people do not read the below description unless the image has already grabbed their attention. To add text and make it stylish you can use PicMonkey.

Mention People

As you do on Twitter, you can mention people on Pinterest using @username. People love to know that you liked their content, therefore remember to mention them, they will be happy to return the favor! You can also @tag them when you post your pins. You can even use tools such as PinGrupie to find popular boards related to your content so that you can share your pins in the appropriate communities among the right people.

Add Guest Pinners

Pinterest Pin Board
Pinterest Pin Board

As digital marketer or business owner, what you aim is to spread the love of your brand among Pinterest followers. An easy way to encourage people to become ambassadors of your brand is to send people that like your pins a personalized message in which you (politely) ask them if they were interested to add their content to a board you have specifically created for guests. To encourage people to agree to your invite, remember to offer something in return such as a voucher or a discount or even the advantage of a greater number of potential followers. To add guest pinners to a board you need to add their username or email in the “Collaborators” box and then click invite. This strategy is particularly useful as the activity of invited individuals shows up in both your and their followers’ feeds. Therefore, if someone who is popular becomes your guest pinner you have the potential to reach a much bigger audience. As this strategy aims to make people feel special, just reserve it to few highly selected individuals.

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